A friendly Smile

A friendly Smile

Some spectators at Lane Glo North received a pleasant surprise last Sunday when they attended the ‘Cream of the Crop’ Mixed Doubles Event in New Port Richie, FL.

“Are you Don Carter?” a gentleman who had been standing in the back said while tapping Don on the shoulder. This happened more than once while Don was watching his wife, Paula and Walter Ray compete. Don graciously greeted all of them with a big smile and a warm handshake.

There was one interesting moment of humor though. Two youngsters about 10 or 11, sat down beside Don, autograph material in hand. They sat there during much of the game hoping to get Walter Ray’s attention. During that time, Paula had conversed with Don about the lanes and her shot. Finally one of the young men looked at Don and said, ‘Are you a pro bowler or something?’ From my vantage point, his reply couldn’t be heard, but I did see the smile he flashed in the boy’s direction.

Walter Ray was pleased, excited, and maybe even a little bit nervous at first having Don watch him bowl. But nerves went both ways! “It’s very difficult to sit back here and watch” Don was overheard saying, “At least when you’re on the lanes, you can make an adjustment or something!” He went on to say that he was really enjoying himself though.

Meeting Don Carter was pretty special to a lot of people, including this writer. Thanks, Don!

doubles partner Jeff Bellinger and WR win the event

WR wins Singles title

Winners of the Mixed Dooubles Bonnie Joel and Chris Hayden

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