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    Hey WRW!! Congrats sir..Just some basic questions if you don’t mind 🙂 Fav layout? How do you like the high flaring balls of Hammer now (ie. Spike, Spike HPT) compared to the early rolling med. flareballs of Bruns.? Ok, I suppose just 2 questions are all I have for you..
    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS.. great bowling

    Hi Bradley,

    As in a previous answer I don’t really have a favorite layout. I like the high flaring balls, but for some reason just haven’t been able to find a shot for them. Maybe this last tournament in Burlington, NC might have been the time for it, but after a unimpressive first game and bad start on the 2nd game I went to a Reaper and then the last game of the block I just for the heck of it decided the Spike again and it gave me a great look and a 247 game. It is really hard to compare balls which you have thrown months ago on totally different lane conditions to balls you are using today. A true test would be balls drilled out of the box, shined together etc, and then bowled in competition (practice doesn’t always give you a true read). But so far I like them, if they would just figure out a way to get rid of those pesky 10 pins (those other balls weren’t able to do that either)!

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