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    Mike Feb, 2001
    Bay City

    Hi Walter, congratulations on the PBA National win. I saw you win in BAy City in 1998. Was looking forward to the pro’s being here last year but with the PBA cutbacks they didn’t have a stop here. Do you think the tour will return to BAy Lanes? My style is similar to yours, more forward roll and down and in. I track high 5 1/2 over 1/2 up. Do you have any favorite drillings you use? I’m sure you will do good with Hammer, I dont think the name on the ball is as important as the person rolling it. Hope to see you in Bay City in the future.


    The PBA is looking to expand on the schedule that we have had in the last year or so, so if John Mazza and Bill Strike are willing to have us back in Bay City then I am sure that we will.

    You might have to go the Faball website to see if Jeff Mark has put up any drilling layouts for my ball. I actually try to keep out of that department as much as possible. Usually I have pins from 12 o’clock to about 3. Other than that I am not very picky and if Jeff drilled me something way different I would throw it and then decide if it might work. We might be able to put some pictures of ball layouts on this website.

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