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    Mount Prospect
    IL Comments: I have seen you bowl a lot and I tape them so I can watch you whenever I want. First what kind of ball do you use for your strike shot? I use a stomp and it hooks from the one board and comes in light, still getting a strike. Have you used a different ball that hooks a little bit more than the one you use now, if you did or did not can you help me out and which one you would use?

    Hi Andy,
    This year on tour I mainly used a 2001 and a reaper while also using a 4D HPT, Spike HPT and a 4D reactive. In the last 3 regionals I have bowled in I have used a 2001, 4D HPT and a Spike as my main strike balls. The 4D HPT hooks the most of these balls with the Spike being a very aggressive ball for the back end. The 2001 is more of a mellow ball compared to these others, but I did use it to win the PBA National Championship. Players will use different balls for their strike shots depending on how the lanes are playing, which line they are playing and what kind of reaction they are looking for. I tend to like the extreme balls, but a ball like the 2001 is a great all around ball.

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