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Jarod September 13, 2007

First of all - I was lucky enough to meet you at a PRO-AM when the PBA visited Denver in 2004 - what a pleasure - you're so friendly and supportive of your fans. Onto my question - I feel stuck on my average - 201 the last two years. I worked with Brian Voss in Denver in 2005 - he had a 2 hour seminar and it raised my average from 190 - 192 up to the 201. I even threw my first 300 a couple of months after working with Brian. I bowl amateur tournaments in Denver and have won two - this tournament uses sport oil patterns (my tournament average is established at 188). What recommendations would you make to work on to get myself up closer to the 210 range I want to maintain?

Hi Jarod,
You might want to search out a local coach who can help you. Practice is always a good thing and bowling in as much competition as possible will also help. Learn to play all parts of the lane, read lanes and execute. Good luck.

Scott August 21, 2007

Hi Walter Ray,
Whether it be league or practice, I've always wanted to track bowling shots I've made. To be more clear, I'd like to keep track of how many times my ball hits the pocket during a game - along with the total shots possible...and the success ratio of strikes made. I know that some of the record keeping would have to entirely come from my opinion - as with today's conditions it's pretty easy to throw a ball badly, but it still hits the 'pocket' (although it doesn't happen to me very frequently - I wouldn't consider the brooklyn a pocket shot). I feel that maybe this will be up to me to determine if I've delivered a good shot AND if the ball enters the 'pocket' in a desirable location - then count it. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
Scott Chulufas

Hi Scott,
It sounds like you would love to use the "Frames" program which I endorse use on my palm. It will keep track of stats like hitting the pocket, which is totally subjective. I have been using it for several years now and am quite pleased with it.

Jeff June 7, 2007

I've always enjoyed bowling, and now intend to get more serious about it. I'm considering getting a coach to take lessons once a week and I'm bowling in a league one night a week. Do you think a coach is as valuable as practice? (Should I just conectrate on playing more and forget about lessons?) What I could really use are some recommendations on how to improve my knowledge of the game. This especially goes for lane conditions, technique and spare shooting. I average about 165 and the goal is to boost that to 200. Do you think I should wait until I'm a little better to enter some local tournaments? What you've done in the sport has made you immortal and the fact that you noth connect with people in this way is also nothing short of amazing. Thanks,

Hi Jeff,
It is possible to become a top bowler without many lessons. But the older we get, the more ingrained in our old 'bad' habits that are difficult to modify. Practice is always a good thing when wanting to improve at anything, but you also need to practice the right things.

Most tournaments have handicap divisions, but don't expect to make a lot of money in these events. I recommend any person who wants to be better to bowl in as many events as possible.

Tom March 19, 2007
Rapid City

Dear Mr. Williams, I am a long time fan of you and I watch you on tv very often. My brother actually met you at one of your tourneyments you were in along time ago. But i have a simple questiont that i hope you can answer and that is what are things i can do to perfect my game? Like is there any drills I can do or anything you can tell me if so please write me back because i'm looking to get serious in the game of bowling. So please e-mail me back, I will accept any advice you will give me.
Thank You!!
Always a Fan
Tom Grove

Hi Tom,
I don't really know of any drills to help your timing, but practice is a good way to get good at anything and get comfortable.

Cody March 8, 2007

Alright.. So I have been practicing roughly 100-120 games every 2 weeks. I am currently out of my slump. And just recently shot my first 300, and won a JBT event in the Pacific Northwest. Is practicing that much over doing it?

Hi Cody,
Bowling 50 to 60 games a week isn't overdoing it, but I don't think any more than that is going to make that much difference. You might want to be careful of injuries which can result from bowling, such as with your fingers, wrist, arm, shoulder, back and knees. Congratulations and keep it up.

Matt October 21, 2006

Hey Walter Ray, I was just wondering how many games of practice do you do during the week?

Hi Matt,
During the off season I don't practice that much. During the season I probably average about 50 games per week with about half of that being competition. I think that competition is the best practice. But you need to get really good first or else your practice (tournament play) becomes very expensive and that takes regular practice. Most pros will have probably put in at least 50 to 100 games a week for several years to get to a respectable level.

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