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Robert November 23, 2005

Hi Walter Ray. At the State meeting in October 2005, the officers of the Texas Horseshoe Pitchers Association voted my website as the official website of the THPA. Prior to that, it was just my personal site. Since then, I've worked extremely hard on the site and still have lots more to implement to better serve our organization. I was just wondering if you would visit the site and sign the guestbook? It would be a great morale booster for the THPA, as well as our website. Thanks for your consideration of this request.
Robert Smith, Webmaster, The Texas Ringer

Hi Robert,
Best wishes on your website. I don't like to sign guestbooks on websites. Sorry, it's just a "thing" with me!

Will April 7, 2004

I have the Frames program on my Palm and I was curious how you posted your scores on the scoresheets part of your website.

Hi Will,
There is a program which you can load on your computer called FramesExporter which is a ‘Jar’ program. You might need to install some Java programs to get this to work. Once this program is running you will need to search for the Frames HotSync Directories in your computer. Click that directory. Get the scoresheets that you want. From there I take a ‘picture’ of my screen with a key called PrtSc which stands for print screen. You should then open up a picture editor such as Paint and paste the screen print by using Ctrl ‘V’ or the edit menu. Then you can move that screen around until it looks like you want. When I don’t use my palm pilot, I fax scoresheets to my webmaster and he has created a program to create a scoresheet.

Robert February 3, 2003

My question is, why not file a website report on the finals? I know we all saw it on TV, but it's always interesting to read your perspective on the different shots and situations.

Off the subject, I'm a screenwriter, and I noticed your favorite actor is Robert De Niro. Coincidentally, I've written what is slated to be his next film, "Rule Number Three." I would have watched the Open in person if I wasn't swamped working on it. He's my favorite actor too, so I'm hoping it happens. If it does, I'll try to name a character "Walter Ray."

I high-schooled in Visalia, went to USC on a physics scholarship, and did the math competition at Cal Poly SLO, so we share a bit of background. Your style reminds me of my dad's(his team won the national ABC in 65 or 67), and I like your attitude and dry humor. Good luck, and keep winning!
R. Kuhn

Hi Robert,
I do a report on the TV shows that I participate in. I don't always watch the other TV shows right away and I would need to watch them to comment on them.

Thanks for the compliments and it would be nice if Hollywood could see a screenplay that took bowling seriously, but I doubt that will ever happen.

Jim December 13, 2002

Can you post the Q&A from your chat session from last Wednesday? I'd like to read it. Also, what was the outcome of the meeting between you and the fan who took the closeup photo with a flash last Sunday? I was outraged that the fan cost you that frame and possibly the match and even the title, but I was also embarrassed for the fan at what I suspect (hope) was an unintentional distraction.

Hi Jim,
I'm sorry but the "history" from the chat session isn't available. The chat room program that we used said that it was supposed to be, but we couldn't quite figure it out. Hopefully, by the next time we have one we will have all of the bugs worked out.

After speaking with the gentleman who took the flash picture, I am confident that it wasn't intentional. It was a bad thing to have happen, but it is over and done with. I don't know (and never will) if it cost me the game or not. I will just have to try to get back on TV again and hopefully win next time!

Bill   February 27, 2002

Walter, Not that you want to promote anyone elses site on the www. I'm curious as to why the PBA doesn't have links to sites like yours? Bill

Hi Bill,
I can't answer for the PBA, but they are a "for profit" organization and probably would like compensation for advertising. We have links to other bowling sites, but not all of them. We hope you enjoy ours.

Pembroke Pines

Comments: For your website, I'd like to suggest that there should be more organized photos of you on tour...because it gives a more a behind-the-scene kind of experience of the PBA tour on the web and shows that there is more to the PBA than what is seen in the telecasts. I love to see the competition and the versatility of the professional bowlers during the qualifying rounds and the round robin match plays, rather than just the TV scene pictures (while the pictures claiming your future titles are the most important).

Pictures of the competition gives interest to the bowlers across the world and motivates them as it is reality. Pictures of pressure, the durability, the struggle, all the reality compels the world, just like how Survivor, Boot Camp, Big Brother and all TV reality shows are very popular. Besides, more people would want to see the moments of your success in bowling and horseshoe competitions with pictures than reading solid text. Thanks

Thanks for your suggestions. The only problem is that I need someone else to take the pictures and my wife is usually not interested in doing that while she is watching me and cheering me on. We will work on that and we are also working getting some of the videos from the last couple of regionals I competed in on the website.


Comments: Hello again. I have another suggestion for the website. I have heard in the past that the pro's get their equipment for next to nothing or even for free in some cases. My suggestion is to offer your used equipment autographed, of course, to your fans for a price. Bowling balls, bags, horseshoes, horseshoe sets, whatever. Let me know what you think.....and good luck on tour. p.s. My shirts are on the way. I like the logo design, also like the way updates are progressing on the website. Just wondering what you thought of Tommy Jones? He's from my area, giving the tour a try, your still the best though. See ya!

Hi Tony,
As I have mentioned before, I usually only donate my old balls to charity events around the country. I don't like to sell them. I have been known to give them to caddies also.

We will try and get some 'better' stuff for selling on the website. But it might be a little slow while we get our feet wet.

I crossed with Tommy Jones in Reno last week. I first met him this last summer. I was very impressed with his game. I think he has a lot of potential. Maybe a little bit too much!! I should probably pay attention to my own game while I cross with somebody like him. Thanks for the compliment. Maybe you can make up to NC for the tournament in Burlington.

Fuchu City

Comments: I am so happy to know this website . I am a FAN of Mr. W.R.W. and PBA from JAPAN . I and my children have met him every year when JAPAN CUP . We are waiting for Mr.W.R.W. to come to JAPAN again . See you then ! I will introduce this web to my friends in the net. I'll be back here again . Bye . Bye !

Hi Yoshiaki, I hope to be coming to Japan again this fall for the Japan Cup. I have enjoyed my many trips over there and look forward to many more.

10) Todd

Comments: It would be great give some tips on bowling. so far i bowled a 300,290and 808s.

Congratulations on your great bowling and keep it up. We are considering some sort of "bowling tips" section. Keep checking back.


Comments: hello this is a great website for WRW, Ive been a big fan of his for many years, and I also had the opportunity to see him win the 1998 Us Open inCT, and also had the chance to see him also when the tour was going to WindsorLocks, CT several times, I have a couple questions for him, I have a very largepba tour tape collection, and i was wondering where i could get some old showswith walter ray on them from like the mid 1980s, etc, and another question willthis website have a chat, and schedules where walter is going to be bowling thatweek, I know I can get that information on the pba site, well there is so manyquestions i would like to ask, well anyway just want to wish walter all the luckwith hammer in the upcoming years, and continued success on the pba tour, takecare for now, thanks Mike RI

Hi Mike! Thanks so much for your support over the years. It is great to know that there are people like you out there supporting both myself and the rest of the Professional Bowlers.

In regards to old bowling tapes, may I suggest that you post to some of the newsgroups and message boards relating to bowling and ask if there is anyone out there who has what you are looking for and would be willing to send you a copy?

We don't really know yet if this web site is going to have a chat or message board. We are in development and waiting to see what develops!

My bowling schedule is posted on the site and we will try to keep it updated if it changes. We will also try to add my Horseshoe pitching schedule as it develops.

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