Walter Ray Puts On A Show In Beverly Hills

Walter Ray Puts On A Show In Beverly Hills

The weather was threatening, but it never rained a drop in Beverly Hills Florida on the afternoon of April 5. The threat of rain may have kept some folks away, but there was in the neighborhood of 50 people who took the chance and turned out. Many of the folks were from the Beverly Hills Horseshoe Club, but some were bowling fans whom had heard that Walter Ray was going to be in town.

The Beverly Hills Horseshoe Club had provided some very nice portable courts that were set up outside the public library. The purpose of the exhibition was to try to make people aware what a great sport horseshoe pitching is and to boost membership for the club. Unfortunately, the Director of Libraries from the County decided they wouldn’t be able to pitch on the nice flat sidewalk and they had to move to a grassy area that was far from flat. In spite of the less than perfect conditions, the demonstrations and clinic was quite a success.

President Howard Tyo was on the microphone to introduce some officers in the club and other V.I.Ps. Then the Juniors were announced and two of the youngsters came out and played a 20-shoe demonstration game. The crowd was very enthusiastic and was cheering for every ringer thrown. Young J.D. and Hannah put on quite a show.

Joyce Coles (Treasurer) then took over the microphone and introduced two of the top lady pitchers from the club, Betty Noble and Linda Kaercher, they also demonstrated their talents in a 20-shoe count-all game.

Walter Ray and Jim Adcox then took over and really got the ringers going. They played a 30-shoe game and were both pitching well, considering that they were on the side of a hill. After the game was over Walter Ray demonstrated the many different ways to pitch a horseshoe, including: 1 ¾ , 1 ¼ , reverse ¾ , and flip. Walter Ray also did a couple of trick shots. There was one in which he sets a shoe in front of the peg (caulks-up) and then throws a shoe from the other end. He is attempting to hit that shoe, flip it over and in essence make two ringers with one shoe. Unfortunately, that one didn’t go so well. After trying 4 times, he gave up on that one. Then a couple of volunteers held up a blanket, so he couldn’t see the stake on the other end. He then threw 4 shoes over the blanket, making 3 ringers. Hmmm….75%, not bad for a guy who can’t see his target. After taking questions from the audience Walter Ray sat down and signed autographs for all who wanted them and took pictures with a few folks.

Except for a few clouds, it was a pleasant afternoon and hopefully will result in many new members for the Beverly Hills Club. Thanks to them for inviting Walter Ray to participate. He enjoyed it.

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