It Started Out Fine, But…

It Started Out Fine, But…

Walter Ray pitched in his first horseshoe tournament at Elden Sarbaugh’s Indoor Horseshoe Courts in Adamsville Ohio on Saturday. He won his first four games pitching 87%, 90%, 82% and 70%. However, the last game he pitched poorly. He only managed to shoot 62% and lost to Brenda Tawney who pitched one of her best games of the day against him. Brenda won the tournament with a 73% average. Walter Ray finished second averaging 76.9%.

For finishing second Walter Ray won twenty dollars. The entry fee was twenty-six dollars. Walter Ray won’t be quitting bowling to become a full-time horseshoe pitcher anytime soon. In spite of the fact that it is impossible to make a living pitching horseshoes, it has always been and will always be Walter Ray’s first love. Even though he doesn’t pitch as well as he used to and gets extremely frustrated over that fact, he would never consider giving it up.

Besides his poor last game, Walter Ray had one other thing happen Saturday that surely got his heart rate up. Upon arriving at the tournament, he stopped to speak with Elden and promptly got the truck and trailer stuck in the muck. Elden got his tractor and started pulling him out. However, there was a bit of hill and the truck and trailer started sliding a little. At the bottom of this hill was a frozen over pond and Walter Ray was beginning to wonder how well his Freightliner would float. Fortunately everything got back under control and it wasn’t necessary to file any insurance claims! When asked if he was afraid he was going to take a little unscheduled trip, he said “I wasn’t really scared but I did experience a few moments of concern”.

Walter Ray really enjoyed the tournament at Sarbaugh’s Indoor Courts. He said that it was probably “the nicest indoor facility in Ohio”. So, congratulations to Brenda Tawney on her win. Congratulations to Elden Sarbaugh for building such a wonderful venue for horseshoe pitching.

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