Whatta’ Travel Day!

Whatta’ Travel Day!

Travel day, getting from one tour stop to the next is always stressful– Sometimes more so than others. This past weekend, Latham, NY to Burlington, NC, was definitely, “one of those” for Walter Ray.

The week in Latham had not been an easy one. Suffering from a bad cold, and then the pins didn’t cooperate, as Walter Ray would have liked. Coming off a big win in Toledo, making the cut, and finishing 17th was just a bit of a let down to him. He was ready to get out of town and on to the next stop “only” 750 miles away.

Late Saturday evening he prepared the 43-foot 5th wheel for an early morning departure.

Traffic out of New York slowed just as the trip began, as did a stop for propane and other routine items necessary for the up coming week. After a short dinner stop in Baltimore with Dennis Baldwin, FABALL USA President, they were on the road again when traffic slowed to a crawl–a vehicle fire “up ahead” somewhere. This event would repeat again just before arriving in Burlington. After a stop at the airport to rent a car, there was only about one hour left of what had been a 15-hour trip.

Walter Ray’s work still wasn’t done when he got off the road. He had to set up camp before “retiring” because he had to leave for Las Vegas, the ESPY Awards, on a very early morning flight.

“Rest” at last at 1:15 a.m. But not for long! Up at 4:00 a.m. to backtrack about one hour to the airport.

He will return Tuesday evening, and begin qualifying on Wednesday morning at 8:30 am. How DOES he do it? Walter Ray states: “I’ve been doing this so long, that it seems normal to me.”

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