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HAN August 1, 2007


Hi Han,
I tend to look about 2 to 4 feet this side of the 'arrows'. Most pros look somewhere between the dots and the arrows.

Jason May 15, 2007

Hello Again Walter Ray!
I was wondering what type of personal goals you make before the beginning of the PBA Tour season?

Was breaking Earl Anthony's record a personal goal for you, or just something that resulted from your enjoyment for the sport of bowling?

How will the next PBA Tour season be a "successful" one for you?

Also, who (if anyone) do you see as a person that could break your record of tour wins in the future? Purely based on the person's ability and dedication.

Hi Jason,
In the last few years, I have basically told myself that if I could make 5 TV finals and win 1 tournament I would feel like I had a good year. But as I get older, I realize that I may be 'slipping' a bit on my talent level.

When I first started bowling on tour, getting 42 titles was not something that I thought about. Fortunately for me I have been able to bowl on tour for 25 years now and have done very well.

Tommy Jones who has won 10 tour titles in a very short time seems like the obvious choice to break my number of titles record. However, he has something going against him despite his success so far. One is that there are fewer tournaments per season than when I started on tour and the formats that we use. I think Tommy is very talented, but he has won at a rate which I don't believe that anyone can sustain for more than a few years due to the formats that we use. We won't know if that is the case, but the people in 20 years will know.

Gary May 11, 2007

I ordered your new DVD, I hope it answers a lot of questions, but there's a lot of stuff I'd really like to ask you and just to get a chance to even talk to you about. I'm a professional bowler as well and I feel pretty solid as far as the concepts of the swing. I'm going to be diving hardcore into the PBA this upcoming year and I need a little direction and a few answers.

How much is your time worth? All I'm asking for is an online chat for an hour or two, perhaps with follow up sessions? Is this a possibility? I'm a pretty analytical person and I have a feeling I can relate to you the best.

If not, I'll try and word a couple questions together well.

Hi Gary,
I appreciate your wanting to use me to advance your professional bowling career. I got most of my knowledge about tournament bowling from experience (bowling tournaments). I would suggest bowling in as many tournaments as possible. You should also want to practice at the tougher bowling center as much as possible.

I really haven't gotten into the "coaching" side of things yet. But, that isn't to say I never will. That may be something I am more likely to get into later. Right now, I just don't really do it. Hope you understand.

I do try to answer all the questions, though it sometimes takes me a while! Sometimes it isn't my fault as my wife is sometimes slow to get them through her "system" and forward them to me.

Jim April 18, 2007

Hi Walter Ray,
I just wanted to say I have been watching you bowl ever since you started in the PBA. I knew you were heading for greatness and you did and haven't stopped yet. I am for sure one of your biggest fans of all time. I am sure you are wondering where all of this is going right. So i guess I will just come out with it, I would like to be your student to follow in the footsteps of the best. I would do almost anything if you would give me this chance. Please think about it talk it over with your lovely wife I am sure the two of you can come up with something or maybe some kind of deal. I am being for real with you please write me back and let me know what you decided. I thank you for your time god bless.

Hi Jim,
I appreciate your request, but I don't do much coaching. If you can't find any decent coaches up in Michigan we might be able to work something out, but it would be slightly expensive as you would need to travel to FL and pay for any lessons. Depending on how good you are, you might need to make a number of such trips.

Freddy March 9, 2007

Hello Walter Ray, I want to see u here in Mexico...ASAP. I love bowling and Im ur fan here. Im 43 yrs old and want to work with u translating your video to spanish and distribute your product to all latin countries. Please send me your text of the video and I can start to translate it. If u are interested please send me an email!
Best regards

Hi Freddy,
I don't own the instructional videos that I am selling. But I will forward your message to the producer and see if he is interested. Thanks.

Michael March 7, 2007

I know you are busy so I will make this quick. My father (65) has bowled for over 33 yrs. and last Sunday night during league play, he bowled his first 300 game.

My whole family has bowled for years but never something like this! He is very fond of your longevity and I thought it would be cool to ask you to send a congratulations email or letter? If you are not able to I understand and will continue to pull for you as long as you are on tour. Best wishes this season and hope to see more of you on Sundays !

Hi Michael,
Please pass this message along to your father:
Congratulations on bowling your first 300 game Joseph. That is quite an accomplishment! Great job and I am sure you won't have to wait that long for your next one! Keep up the great bowling.

Lynn February 23, 2007

Please help us! We are looking for someone who would be interested in building a new alley is our town. We have an OLD 8 lane that has been neglected and a lot of Bowlers who are crying for help. If you have any advice I can fill you in about our town.We would take over this one but have no money. It is for sale. Our next closest alley if 32 miles away.We bowl on 3 leagues a week and would more but he is not open enough. Please advise me where to turn. We dearly love you and love to watch you bowl. Thank you for taking time to read this. We are desperate. Our only recreation is Bowling. We love it. Leon carries a 180-190 average. Please advise us as to where to turn.
Again thank you and we wish you many more years of good bowling.
Lynn Sadler

Hi Lynn,
Owning any business takes a lot of work and money. You would need to convince some local business men that owning a bowling center would make sense and money. Since I am not interested in moving to Missouri and not yet interested in being a bowling center owner, I have to pass on the invitation. I hope you find your new owner.

Chuck January 31, 2007

You to me are the best bowler in sometime. Have seen articles of you helping bowlers through the USBC site. Joined USBC for the first time and this was my first year to bowl against others our team I hated to but walked away for pressure that I can't bowl always in the 200's and other teams know alot of them got along with most but team I bowled with were pound down the drinks wanting others to carry the team there way was to live off the handicap and when they get this high that they will slide by everyone at the end of the season I want to bowl pressure I screw up major from once 279 down to 169 they said that wasn't good enough So I hated to but I quit I looked at other teams no openings so I just wait hoping that something comes up soon But wish you would come to bowl here it would be a blast to have the ability to bowl with a pro it would be the best way to learn from watching and listening to you seem like you enjoy the game and can handle everything Thank you

Hi Chuck,
I think you seem to be asking about being more serious than your team mates. I am a bit serious about my bowling and it sounds like you are trying to be. I always looked to bowl in scratch leagues where the bowlers tend to be a bit more serious. Sandbagging is one of the big reasons I prefer scratch leagues. If the PBA tour ever has a tournament in the Minneapolis area, then maybe you'll see me up there.

Marge January 21, 2007

We just heard that Walter Ray had 6 siblings. We always thought he just had a brother. Where are the rest of them? Also where is Paige from? Thanks

Hi Marge,
I have 3 older sisters and 3 younger brothers. My father, Ray, lives in Lady Lake, FL. My mother, Esther, lives in Walnut Creek, CA. My oldest sister, Debbi Katz, lives in Kapalua, HI. My second oldest sister, Cindy Von Tungeln, lives in Irvine, CA. My third oldest sister, Barbara Alsup, lives in Sacramento. My oldest brother, Jeff, lives in Walnut Creek, CA. My youngest brothers are twins. Jonathan, the oldest twin, lives in Apple Valley, CA. And my youngest brother, Nathan, lives in Elk Grove, CA. Paige was born and raised in San Jose, CA.

Pat January 14, 2007

What's up Walter Ray. I would like your opinion on a personal matter of mine. I currently live in a small town that only has one bowling center. I have the desire to, after obtaining my bachelors degree, move to Las Vegas, Nevada to persue a professional bowling career while working at a new job in my related field of study. Do you feel that Las Vegas offers a good environment, with all of the casino's bowling alleys, for me to try and compete for 2 years at a 220 + avg. and apply for a shot to get into the PBA? Or is there another big city that you feel is better for my bowling career? Thanks for your time and you the man out there on the tour!

Hi Pat,
I don't know that Las Vegas is that much better than other cities for preparing someone for the PBA tour. I recommend bowling regional tournaments. Bowling in tournaments is the best place to get experience. In that regard, you might want to try the southeast. They have the most tournaments per year. But the travel can be a bit much. So with less travel in mind you might want to think about the northeast as there are so many big cities closer together. But the weather in the winter time isn't quite as good.

Chuck October 24, 2006

If you were to surpass Earl's PBA majors record of 8 majors, would you consider that a bigger achievement than the all-time PBA titles record? I believe Tiger Woods feels surpassing Jack's major's record would be a bigger achievement than Sam Snead's titles record. What is your thinking on this subject? Thanks

Hi Chuck,
I haven't really thought about that. In some people's view, Earl has 43 titles and 10 majors. It would be nice to get more major titles, but like I have said before, I think that Earl's record is better than mine since he bowled so few tournaments compared to me. What about Mark Roth who only won 1 major title? I still put him in the top 5 of all time.

Anthony October 27, 2006
Fair Bluff

First of all I want to congratulate Walter Ray on his 42 title. GREAT JOB!!! My first question is: my wrist tends to be weak or lazy depending on who you talk to. I know you don't particularly like wrist braces. Do you know of any exercises to help strengthen one's wrist? Do you recommend any particular wrist brace? Second question: I have read in Bowling This Month the advertisement for Frames for Palm or Windows handhelds, which you have been associated with. Do you feel this really helps? Would you recommend it? One comment, this is for Paige: you do a great job doing all the leg work (computer work) for Walter Ray, you should be commened for a job well done!

Hi Anthony,
I don't know much about wrist supports. I would ask your local pro shop operator. I am not a physical trainer, but doing wrist curls seems like a good thing. Another possible exercise is to get a cylindrical object 12 - 24 inches long and 1 to 2 inches in diameter. Get a string-rope about 6 feet long and attach it to the cylinder. On the other end put a small weight. Then hold out your arms and turn the cylinder until the weight reaches the cylinder, then lower the weight.

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