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Kevin October 11, 2007
San Diego

Hi Walter Ray, I would like to know how i can get into the Pro Tour i'm shooting 198 avg haven't shot 300 but ihave 279,278 alot of times

Hi Kevin,
I believe that the PBA has a 200 minimum average requirement to join, but you should be able to contact them through their website at You can always bowl regional tournaments as a non member so that you can get an idea of how the competition is.

Mike May 26, 2007
Saratoga Springs

Dear Walter Ray,
Why doesn't ESPN put a camera on the left side of the TV pair when one or more lefties
are bowling? It's a much better angle for viewers. I've heard many other people complain about this on message boards. Even a stationary camera would be better than nothing. E-mails to ESPN have been fruitless. Do you think you can pull some strings and make this happen for next season? ;-)

Also, what do you think of the "Skills Challenge"? Pro bowlers throwing balls 10 feet into the air over chairs can't be too good for the lanes, right? Plus, it probably encourages kids to try these shots.
Thanks for your time.

Hi Mike,
Part of TV is about illusion. They don't want the TV cameras to be in the shot. Since the camera down the lane is on the right side of the lane, it would show any cameras on the left and vice versa, so they tend to keep all of the cameras on the right side since there are so many more right handed bowlers. I wish I had the ability to get ESPN and the PBA to do certain things, but I don't.

I am not a big fan of the 'Skills challenge'. It is all about TV. Most of those segments edit out 90% of the bad shots. And I am sure that bowling proprietors across the country cringe every time a ball is lofted past the arrows. But the PBA and ESPN don't really care about bowling centers across the country, they are trying to get people to watch bowling and a lot of people like the trick shots. Remember that most of those trick shots aren't made quite that often, but a few are.

Tim April 17, 2007

Hello Walter Ray!! Congrats on your 11th ! My Mom's a huge fan and wants to know what an "exemption" is and what it means. Thank you much. Peace...

Hi Tim,
Thanks! The PBA tour has around 15 'regular' tournaments on its schedule which goes from October to April. In these regular events, there are 64 spots available each week. 58 are given to exempt players. The others are earned through a qualifying tournament. So as an exempt player I don't need to qualify in the Tournament Qualifying Round (TQR) as I already qualified based on my performance in previous tour events (winning the 2006 Denny's World Championship).

Scott March 26, 2007

Hey WRW-
I have placed my vote so you can get into the Motel 6 Roll to Riches and take home the BIG money.

Just curious what you thought about Hall of Famer Brian Voss no longer being exempt...doesn't seem right to me.

Hi Scott,
I appreciate your voting for me. It was really great to be there!

Brian Voss has been a great player and an asset to the PBA tour. As we get older, we become less competitive. Brian struggled this year and didn't seem to be having much fun. He told me at the end of the season that he was ready to move on and do exhibitions and other things in the bowling world. I do think it is a shame that the PBA is now structured that a top 'retired' player such as Brian Voss, Mike Aulby, Dave Husted, Amleto Monacelli and other top career players aren't able to play in regular events except by bowling the TQR's. But that is the way it is and I have no power to change it. One of these days I won't be bowling well enough to compete out on tour and I don't think I will want to bowl on tour if I'm not able to be competitive. There are plenty of young players who are willing and ready to take our places.

Shawn March 26, 2007

Walter Ray,
I have recently applied for my PBA membership and am excited about persuing bowling seriously. I recently competed in my first PBA regional tournament and plan to bowl in many more, however with all the travel expenses and entry fees involved, I'm curious how the average guy can hope to get good enough to earn a living on limited time and budget. I'd love to quit my teaching job, but that probably wouldn't be the smartest thing right now. If I had corporate backing, it would be much easier I'm sure. How did you go about securing sponsors to back you in the early days? Who should I talk to and what should I say? How much should I ask for, and what am I legally allowed to offer in return? Thanks in advance! Shawn

Hi Shawn,
Getting financial backing is not easy. It is usually a "catch 22", as the better players are more likely to get them since they will have a better chance of cashing often. I wouldn't quit any job you have to pursue bowling full time unless you are able to finish in the top 8 at most every regional you bowl. Even then you might have a tough time making money unless you earned the exemption to go on tour. That is why most regional tournaments are held on the weekends. Legally if you get financial backing you don't have to give them much of a return.

Donna March 20, 2007
Grand Rapids

I would like to know how I would go about getting a pass to watch Walter Ray bowl.
I live in the Grand Rapids Michigan area, and I know he is bowling here this weekend at Spectrum Lanes.
I am disabled and walk with a cane. But, I used to belong to the Ametuer Bowlers Tour here in the Grand Rapids area, and it would be fantastic if I could watch a Pro Bowler bowl.(especially Walter Ray)
Please reply as soon as possible.
Thank You
Ms.Donna Knapp

Hi Donna,
I didn't get this message until early May. I hope you were able to get out to Wyoming and watch the bowling. It usually isn't tough to get tickets and you can usually get them at . Sorry, again, for the delay.

Joe March 10, 2007

I would like to bring my dad from Ohio to get Walter's autograph when he is in Indy. Will he be providing autographs this week at the tournament?

Hi Joe,
I am sorry that I didn't receive this message sooner, but our system has some stopping points and I received this in early May. I do sign autographs when I am at tournaments. The best time to get an autograph is during the practice session the day before the tournament starts. I hope you were able to get some good autographs. I apologize, again, for the delay in getting back to you.

Elliott March 6, 2007

Dear Walter Ray,
My friends and I have never been to a PBA event. We just purchased tickets to the Pepsi Championship in Indianapolis on March 18. We got the 60 dollar section A tickets. We were wondering about how early we have to get their to get a first or second row seat. If you would help us out we would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Elliott, Well, what can I say? We got WAY behind on questions! Sorry for the delay in answering you. I sure hope you got your seats. Sorry again.

Brian February 28, 2007

Mr. Williams, when did you pick up the Big Four?

Hi Brian,
I have picked up the 'Big Four' several times, but the most notable was a couple of years ago on TV when we bowled in the Atlanta area.

Michael February 22, 2007
Des Moines

Walter, Paige,
First off let me express what a joy it is to watch you on tv. As a bowler who has just begun bowling I have learned so much watching you and really appreciate the sacrifices you make to be on tour!

My question is this, I enjoy most the 5 person step-ladder format. Which of the current players on tour would you want to face if you were the 5th seed and had to climb the mountain to the top??
Thanks again, and thank you too Paige!

Hi Michael,
All of the players on tour are very good. At any given time they are capable of beating me, and me them. I don't really care who I would bowl on TV. I look forward to trying to beat them all.

Scott February 23, 2007

Hey WRW- in the stepladder TV format do you find it advantageous to be the #1 seed or do you prefer to get a better read on the lanes by seeded #2 or #3?

Hi Scott,
In a step ladder format I would rather be the #1 seed as the other players all have to win their first game (or more) to get to the title match. If the #1 seed wins one game, he is the champion!

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