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PBA Professional Bowler & World Horseshoe Pitching Champion




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I travel all across the United States and would love to stop by your local bowling facility. I will provide you with personalized bowling lessons through a bowling clinic of 8 or less bowlers.

* Interested in participating in a Pro-Am with me, let me know.

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Most All Time PBA Titles

With more than 47 PBA standard tour titles

Most PBA Earnings

The most PBA tour earnings with over
$4.5 million

Seven Time PBA Player of the Year

I’ve earned this honor in years
1986, ’93, ’96, ’97, ’98, 2003 and 2010

Six Time World Horseshoe Champion

Known as “Deadeye” after throwing 45 of 50 ringers in a tournament at age 10

Recent Q & A Session

I recently hosted a question and answer session on FaceBook. You should check out my page and ask any questions you may have.

What are your thoughts on dropping from a 15 pound ball down to a 14 due to an injury to my wrist?

If you need to drop down to 14 lbs to continue bowling then do it. You might also want to look at your grip, maybe modify it.

What was the biggest action match you ever bowled?

I didn’t really bowl much action. So I guess bowling for $120,000 for 1st place would be it.

My question is who was your biggest influence in bowling and when you started bowling professionally?

Pretty much all of the guys I watched in the 70s on TV as I didn’t really bowl that much at that time.

How did you get started in the game? Did your family bowl growing up? Did you bowl on a high school team?

Somebody at a horseshoe tournament introduced me. One of my younger brothers (Jeff, 1 year younger) bowled with me on a junior league when I was 11-12. I didn’t bowl much after that year until I was a Sr in High School. They didn’t have high school bowling when I was in school. I didn’t even know about collegiate bowling as I wasn’t that into bowling. About a 1 1/2 years later I got into bowling.

How often do you switch releases pitching horseshoes in tournaments and how in the world does someone learn a 3/4 reverse release?

If I’m pitching well I won’t switch, but if I start pitching bad, I might switch. In learning a turn shoe I would start just tossing a very short distance (less than 10′) and then working your way back.

About Walter Ray Williams Jr.

I am a professional bowler and 6 time world horseshoe champion. I currently hold the record for the most all-time standard PBA records and the most PBA earnings over $5 million through the 2019 season. I am the first the player in history to reach 100 total PBA titles that include PBA tour, PBA Regional Tour, PBA50 and PBA50 Regional.

Some Accolades:

  • Seven time PBA Player of the year (1986, ’93, ’96, ’97, ’98, 2003, 2010).
  • Known as “Deadeye” due to the junior horseshoe tournament when at age 10, he through 45 of 50 ringers.
  • Named “Male Bowler of the Decade” by U.S. Bowler in 2010 for the 2000-2010 decade. Incredible accomplishment starting the decade at age 40.

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Walter Ray Bowling News

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Q & A Session from Walter Ray

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Vintage Video Horseshoes at 12

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Lessons are a perfect way to improve your bowling. My bowling clinics allow me to focus on your needs. 

You can expect bowler focused two hour training session where I identify your needed areas of improvement. 

I will record you bowling from start to finish and go over some tips to improve any issues I may find.

Some topics we may discuss if needed:

  • lane conditions and adjustments to those lane conditions
  • proper grip of the bowling ball
  • Bowling stance
  • Bowling target
  • Bowling approach
  • And much more…