Enjoy These Bowling & Horseshoe Videos

Bowling Lessons

I’ve made several bowling videos over the years. In this video, I discuss adjusting to the various bowling lanes. While, I use a straight ball to bowl spares, you will see in this video that you can bowl a reactive ball straight as well. Any interest in purchasing this video, click the button below.

How to Pitch Horseshoes

Here is a clip from my horseshoe lessons video that shoes you how to make a horseshoe to properly turn so you get a ringer. I provide some great horseshoe pitching drills to get you from beginner to pro in no time. Maybe, I’ll see you at the next World Horseshoe Championship. If interested in purchasing the video, click the button below.

Getting Personal

Credit to FloBowling for capturing this personal video while I was out on tour. You get to see another side of me off the lanes with my lovely wife Fancy.