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How to Pitch Horseshoes

HOW TO PITCH HORSESHOES As a World Horseshoe champion multiple times, I'd like to provide some lessons on pitching horseshoes. Below this video is a transript of what I'm providing in this blog. If you'd like to see the entire video, feel free to purchase it from my...

Vintage Video Pitching Horseshoes at 12

Pitching Horeshoes in Coca-Cola Pants Some old videos from 1972 that my brother Jeffery Williams converted from 8mm. I am 12 years old in these and Jeff (left handed) is 11! I averaged 85-90% ringers back then and he was about 70%. Alvin Vinsant (82%) is at around...

Q&A Session with Walter Ray

Q&A with Walter RayDue to the unfortunate circumstances happening in the world today with COVID-19, I'm unable to travel and see all your smiling faces in the bowling centers. Today we will host a question and answers session from our home. Feel free to post any...

Drivers Training in Your Living Room

FORD DRIVING SKILLS FOR LIFECheck out the latest update from the Ford Driving School for Life. They are not able to come to you at the moment due to the Coronavirus, so they've created a way to bring driver's training straight to your living room. Host Mike Speck will...



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