Pitching Horeshoes in Coca-Cola Pants

Some old videos from 1972 that my brother Jeffery Williams converted from 8mm.

I am 12 years old in these and Jeff (left handed) is 11! I averaged 85-90% ringers back then and he was about 70%.

Alvin Vinsant (82%) is at around 3:20 and then later on. At around 4:15 is the 1972 World Tournament Jr Boys Championship division at Greenville OH. I ended up winning with 89.2% ringers and am in the Coke-Cola pants (checkered).

Doug Kienia finished 2nd and is in the white ‘cowboy’ hat. Mike Stout is a left hander who stands in the middle of the court.

John Passmore is in the sleeveless shirt and a few years later would average 89.5% only to finish in 4th place!

Gene Bussard also makes an appearance. At about 8:50 is 5 of us junior boys practicing on one court in Greenville OH.

At around 12:38 is the South African game of Juske (spelling?).

At 13:30 is the Men’s Championship class. Bob West (OR), Jesse Gonzales Sr. (CA) are featured.

The video link is below, you may need to be logged into FaceBook to see it.

1972 Los Gatos Ca, Eureka Ca, Greenville Ohio

Posted by Jeffery Williams on Friday, March 27, 2020