As a World Horseshoe champion multiple times, I’d like to provide some lessons on pitching horseshoes.

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The idea of horseshoes is to get the horseshoe to turn the same amount each time you throw it. You obviously want to make sure you get the line and the distance so your horseshoe will be a ringer each time you throw it. To get the shoe to turn, I like to bring the shoe down so my thumb is on the inside near my leg. When I take my step, the shoe will come past my leg with the thumb inside and then I open the horseshoe up and throw it. This method gives the horseshoe a natural turn.

You don’t need to flick your write to achieve the natural turn of the horseshoe. I recommend a beginner to start close to the target and barely throw the horseshoe. Your goal is to get the horseshoe to turn just a little bit, continue to do this several times ensuring the horseshoe turns and you aren’t flicking your wrist.

Next move back about ten feet, then bring your horseshoe down and up several times before the release ensuring you do as mentioned above keeping your thumb inside the horseshoe, see video above for a detailed look.

DO NOT worry about hitting the target here, this is just a drill to get the horseshoe to turn. You don’t want the horseshoe to turn too fast either, if it does, it becomes out of control.

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