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    Rob Jan 2001
    Moses Lake
    Comments: Hi Paige! This is sooo cool! Walter is my favorite bowler of all time.Anyway I was wondering what happened with Brunswick. I heard they were goingthrough hard times and were getting rid of their pro staff. Any truth to this? What a loss for them! I hope he likes Hammer. I remember when Norm Duke switched to Hammer a few years back.( My second favorite bowler!) It wasn’t to good for him. The only Hammer ball I really liked were the old blue and Burgandy urethanes. I bought a Sledgehammer Syntactive that was a total piece! I’ve heard the new Hammer 2001 is a great ball though. How long is Walter obligated to Hammer for? Best of luck to you and Walter in 2001! Thanks-Rob

    Paige Replies:
    Hello Rob and thanks for writing. I am sure happy that you enjoyed the site. We have some great ideas bouncing around and hope it will just keep getting better and better.

    Walter Ray and Brunswick did part company as of December 31. I am not privy to their financial situation, but we were told they were doing some major cutbacks. Unfortunately, they felt that Walter Ray was someone they could afford to lose. It sure didn’t make any sense to us…but we weren’t making the decision.

    I believe that Walter Ray’s new association with Hammer is going to be a good one for everyone involved. I know that he is very excited about it and will do his best for them. This is the first year of what we hope will be a long and successful relationship with them.

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