Long Time Friends

Long Time Friends

The horseshoe tournament, held April 6, 2002, at the Villages in Lady Lake, FL, brought Walter Ray together with some long-time friends – from both his worlds.

Back: Mark Seibold, IN, Bill Roop, FL, Rene Cowan, VA, Ron Deckard, FL Front, Tournament winner, Warren Woolsey, IN, Walter Ray Williams, Jr, Jim Adcox, FL, Ed Napravnik, FL

Mark Seibold, IN, and Rene Cowan, VA, both basically grew up with Walter Ray in the horseshoe world. The three of them began pitching as Juniors and have continued to become “Name” players as adults. Prior to the actual tournament, both visited with Walter Ray and Paige in their Ocala home.
Also on hand was Village resident, sports enthusiast, Patricia Wisnieski, a former touring lady professional bowler.

Pat says that until 1985, she’d been bowling as long as Walter Ray had been pitching. She recalls that in one tour stop in FL, there was a combo men and women’s tour in which the ladies were paired with the men for some exhibition matches, and that’s where many of the lady pros got their first glimpse of Walter Ray in action. Although she didn’t get to bowl with Walter Ray (she was paired with Dick Weber), she and her friends, Pat Costello, Patty Costello, Rita Justice, and Donna Adamek, saw that Walter Ray showed a lot of promise! Great pick, ladies!

Pat participates in lots of sports, and is active in organizing the Village Games. Her next venture will be horseshoe pitching! Walter Ray was quick to introduce her to his father when she said she’d like to learn to pitch. “He taught me”, said Walter Ray gesturing toward his Dad, “so am sure he can get you started off right.” Being able to watch some of the greatest pitchers in the game that day, provided Pat with a good idea of what the game offers as far as head to head competition goes! She will, no doubt, find the game fun and challenging.

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