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Robert September 8, 2007

Walter Ray, just curios to how many 300's u have bowled over your carrer,I've only have 4 at the age of 24.

Hi Robert,
I haven't bowled in a league since I was 23. I now have 71- 300 games in PBA competition.

Mike June 30, 2007
Saratoga Springs

Dear Walter Ray,
Could you please tell the story of the time that your wife drove off in your RV and accidentally left you behind at a rest-stop?

If you had the power to change the PBA telecasts in any way, what changes (if any) would you make?

Thanks for your time.

Hi Mike,
There really isn't a lot to tell. It was in a van in 1988. She thought I was sleeping in the back and I had really gotten out to use the restroom. Obviously this was "pre-cell phones". She drove 120 miles before realizing that I wasn't in the car and had to drive back to get me. I was 5 hours at the rest area. Not much fun since the rest area was under construction and there was basically nothing there but a pay phone and a restroom. It is funny (now) ; )

I would love to be able to show more bowling matches at the same time. Kind of like when we use a round robin format and focus on 2 pair of lanes for the last round of competition. This is more like what golf does. But it would take more cameras and better stats to make this work. I also think that the matches shouldn't have any interruptions once they are started.

Mark June 27, 2007
United Kingdom

How aware are you of the European bowling scene? More players have been coming to the PBA from Europe over recent years, how do you think they've coped with the change? We've got some good up-and-coming talent in the UK, names like Paul Moor, Stuart Williams and Nick Froggatt. Would you consider an invitation to play in the Weber Cup at some point? Last year's USA team had Tommy Jones, Jason Couch and Chris Barnes, and only won 18-17 against Europe. They need the help!

Hi Mark,
I know that there are some very good bowlers outside of the US. Hopefully someday the monetary rewards will make it so that every bowler in the world would like to bowl on the PBA tour. I have bowled in some matches with non USA bowlers before, but I am not a big fan of Baker games. I think they should bowl an entire game and combine the scores as they would in league. If I was invited to bowl in the Weber Cup and my schedule permitted, I probably would. But I may be a bit past my prime and there are so many good bowlers to choose from. Of course I would also invite the top 5 US bowlers from the PBA tour to compete.

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